There are many ways to make money, but if you want to make money at home than the online business is one of the best methods to earn money. So today, in this article I have written about the 5 best ways to make money online in 2020.


One of the best ways to make money online. As it is one of the easy ways too. So if you want to make money by choosing your career as Blogging then it is a great choice. So there are some ways through which you can make money by Blogging, they are:-

Monetize with CPC/PPC Ads

If you want to make money by choosing your career as Blogging then you must monetize with CPC or CPM Ads. You can earn money in two ways:

CPC/PPC stands for Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click. CPC ads are usually banners that you can place in your sidebar or content. This advertiser pays you when the ad is clicked by the viewer. It is paid as per click.

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand impressions are ads that will pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people see your ad.

Include Affiliate Links in Your Context Affiliate Marketing is also another great method for monetizing your blog. This is a kind of method in which you can sell other people’s products by convincing the readers. In this method, you can earn a commission for exclusive items through a unique link that tracks your affiliate code, you include in your site. If the reader clicks on your unique link and buys the product then you can earn a percentage of what he/she purchased.

Selling Ad Space It is also a great idea to make money online from blogging. Selling Ad space will help you to make money by charging a brand for advertising their ads in the area of a website or webpage. To sell and space you need to approach advertisers directly.

Charge for Sponsored Social Media Posts Charge for Sponsored Social Media Posts is a great way to boost your monthly income. Some people make their entire blogging income through Sponsored posts. You can charge per post and can make $10 or more for a small review post.

Sell Digital Products on Your Blog If you are looking for another stream of income then you can consider selling digital products. Charge for access to ebooks, online courses/workshops, Images, videos, etc. If you want to make this option work then you need to convince how good you are at what you do.


If you want to make money online then YouTube is a great platform and of course, you need to create your channel first, find your niche for YouTube and make good content. There are many ways you can make money, some of them are:-

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money through YouTube. This is the method by which you can sell other people’s products by convincing the viewer. By this, you can earn a commission for each product through a special URL that is linked to your account.

Ads If you want to make money through YouTube then the first revenue stream you need to explore is ads. You can apply for monetization once you have crossed 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour and you’ll receive your share of income for advertising on YouTube.

Sponsorship Nowadays lots of companies provide Sponsorship to YouTube channels. Sponsorship pays more cash than advertisements. A company provides products for review and make sure to provide full information to the viewer about the nature of the product and try to inform more positive words.

FanFunding You can set up a FanFunding stream to source donations from your audience. Some popular fan funding options are:- YouTube’s

Superchat This is a feature that is only available to the YouTube partners when they live streams. In the live chat stream, your viewers can donate you whatever amount of money in their comments.

Patreon YouTube offers to let your viewers pay to become members of your channels. In return, they get budget, custom emoji and can do an exclusive live chat with you.

YouTube Premium Subscribers Encourage your viewers to become YouTube Premium Subscribers because when they will watch your channel then you will get subscription fee.

Crowdfunding is almost the same as Fanfunding. It also includes a donation from the crowd to make money.

3.App Development

Developing apps are another niche that has already gained momentum. It is the biggest market ever been. You can make plenty of money on app development. App-based marketing is another trending in online money making. There are some ways in which you can exploit your skills and try to get yourself in the right place and make money at the same time.

Understanding Yourself The first thing is that you have to understand yourself and keep motivating. So, ask yourself which type of app you like or enjoy watching, etc. Try to understand your interest so that you can have fun while doing your work.

Choose your Idea To develop an app, firstly you need to come up with a new idea to attract the people and to get an idea you need to search the problem in the particular app then search the solution and put it in your created app. Define the Function After you get the idea, list what it needs and whatnot. It needs to be updated every time after it gets completed. And try to make the change, what people complain.

App Designing Now you try to sketch your app which you are going to create. Try to make a professional and attractive icon for your app and uniquely design your app.

Database Designing Now take a look at what type of data you would need to keep.

If your app users require to create an account, you have to keep track of things such as username, user ID, user emails, etc.

Researching Solutions So, now if you have thought everything about the app then you need to start research on it. To make it unique you need to do every possible thing since everybody builds a unique app.

Build the app So now you are ready to build the app.

But before building check some tips like making a checklist, test yourself, etc. And to make your app to become famous soon you need to promote your app by some ways like keep your app reach out to influencers, leverage your mobile website, feature the app in an Official blog, Feature the app in your emails, create a demo video, etc, etc.