We all know that content is the king, in the field of website, blog and YouTube channel. Every creator put his best efforts to deliver the best quality content on his working platform but the most important question is his/her creativity will be only evaluated if that content will reach the targeted audience on internet.

But if the content doesn’t reach the audience then everything is waste, no matters how good was his content and how much hard he had worked on generating that content, hence it is much more important to do something which could deliver that content to the targeted audience over internet and here comes the need and requirement of Search Engine Optimization wishes is also called as SEO.

Hence SEO is a technique which is used to optimize a blog post, article or a video both on page as well as off page , which includes several techniques such as meta tagging, meta description, creating anchor text, building backlinks via directory submission and guest posting etc.

So here in this article I am going to explain the overview basic knowledge about the Search Engine Optimization techniques used on YouTube and blogger to Optimization and run his article and post on Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. SEO/Search engine Optimization of a YouTube Video :The technique of SEO for a video on YouTube channel is completely different from ranking a article of blog post.

Ranking a video in search result of YouTube and suggested or recommended videos of YouTube depends upon several factors in which most important thing is audience retention on the video and watch time given by the video, few years ago the algorithm was based upon views but in 2015 it change to watch time.

The second most factor which matters a lot is engagement with your videos means how much people like and share your video, as much as your video get watch time and audience retention then the probability of getting your videos rank on YouTube is more, after that few more things which does not matter a lot but you should do are following such as a Keyword rich title and long description use of hashtag and tags.

Next important thing is your consistency or frequency of uploading videos however if your luck favor and your any video get viral then try to upload videos on very similar topic of that viral video and keep in mind do not make a mixed category channel focus your channel very close to one keyword.