In this article, we discuss how much RP/score is required to reach the Heroic rank. Free Fire has a rank system that makes it very competitive, and the players wish to reach the highest tiers.

This system comprises of seven tiers, from Bronze to Grandmaster. We will created a table rank score in free fire.

HeroicRP 3200+
DiamondRP 2601-3200
PlatinumRP 2101-2600
GoldRP 1601-2100
SilverRP 1301-1600
BronzeRP 1000-1300

Tips to reach Heroic fast


RP count by your game play time so try to survie long time in rank match.

Choosing the Best character

Character would help improve their gameplay.

Playing with a DUO

Playing with a duo can help push the rank. There must be coordination among the players, however.