If you searching copyright free high quality photos for your blog website you are in correct place I’ll explain 5 website here which provide you Copyright Free Image.

We suggest you check the copyright restrictions before download any of the photos to be used on your website. Requirements might vary on the sites from where you download the photos, some of the free photos requires attribution or some of them you don’t have to do so.

So, the bottom line here we want to aware you is that, always follow the copyright and creative commons licensing rules on any photos you are going to use in your blog and acquire the necessary permissions.

Copyright Free High Quality Photos Site



Flickr is the best-known website for the free high quality images. Since the popularity of Flickr rises high as well as its users are also increases day by day, there is more possibilities to find the free high quality photos in accordance to your needs of blogs. To get free high quality photos for your blog from flickr, first of all: search any photos that you are looking for and then at the top left of the Flickr you can see the different licensing option. Here you must select All Creative Commons license option. However, some of the photos require attribution, make sure that you provide a link back to the source.


Pixabay is one of the best source to get free high quality images for your blogs. You can browse the picture by various categories over 1.3 million. The attractive features of pixabay is that you can browse the picture as illustrative or the vector graphics as well as short videos too which makes it easy to peruse on specific needs. Almost all whatever the picture you download from pixabay, does not require the attribution. But, we suggest you to check the copyright and attribution requirement before you use it on your blog.


FreeImages which is formerly Stock Xchange is also one of the great source for free high quality photos for your blogs. Different photos you found in this site have different copyright and attribution requirement. Make sure, image you use is under the Creative Commons license.


Aalso contain variety of free high quality photos can be used in blogs. Most of the high quality photos can be downloaded and free to use in your blogs. However, we would suggest you, read about the MorgueFile license requirement for confidentiality of use. You must link back to the source, if images require attribution.


FreeFoto is also another alternative source for free high quality images to use in your blogs. You must link back to the original source of contain for most of the images you found in FreeFoto. Some of the photos have small watermark at the lower right corner of the photos. However, we suggest you read the copyright restriction and attribution from the license tab which you can find alongside of each image in this website.