Kathmandu – Most Nepali internet users are exposed to disinformation, a survey by the middle for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) revealed. The survey results show that 95.5 percent of internet users receive disinformation, largely through social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Nepal Twitter Users Survey 2019 was conducted by CMR-Nepal in November 2019 and results are supported 542 valid responses. “The results have some fascinating, and possibly not so surprising, results,” says CMR-Nepal chairperson Rishikesh Dahal.

“This is extremely concerning as the majority internet users are exposed to some reasonably disinformation.” “This shows there’s an urgent need for the stakeholders to plot a good and multi-layered arrange to help citizens distinguish disinformation from valid information.”

A huge majority of the respondents, 95.5 percent, said they need seen disinformation online within the last seven days. people who had not seen disinformation online in a very week were just some.

And, for many of Nepalis, the most platform where they believe say saw disinformation is YouTube. a complete of 85.6 percent said they saw disinformation on YouTube.